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In the realm of hiring and keeping personnel, having the right person is key. You need staff that will contribute to the overall success of your company. It is no longer feasible to use your company as a training ground, with a revolving door through personnel, costing you TIME and MONEY, not to mention your NERVES. Find out BEFORE you make a mistake the risks and benefits in choosing someone to do the job well and fit with your company.

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I have  a short-list - which one is the right one?

I need to hire more than one - can I pay less?

I need entry level people - I want inexpensive expert help

I can't take the time - please find me just the right person

I want more performance from my team - what should I do?

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200 personnel questions - get clear answers and insight


  16 years of delivering   services that provide a wealth of reliable, accurate & honest information means your personnel decisions can be made with confidence


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