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Cultural Neutrality of theU-TEST 

We refer to the U-TEST as a capacity analysis or a productivity assessment and not as a psychometric test.

One approach to testing is to identify a set of personality types, develop the tests from that premise and then to evaluate specific tests against the personality premise. This is the basic psychometric route and is the domain of psychologists.

The U-Test measures 10 key qualities required of a productive staff member to varying degrees. Each quality is measured on a scale of 200. The individual test result is that person's set of solutions used to tackle the specified post.

The capacity of the person to produce results on a particular post are then drawn from the test and matched to the company's post and candidate specifications. In this way the test remains 100% fair per legal requirements.

The 10 qualities apply to any person on any post in any country. The qualities required of a factory manager in Moscow, Thailand or Mexico are the same. The method of assessing therefore focuses on the key 10 qualities and by-passes predetermined personality groupings or cultural bias.

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