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The Canadian U-MAN

U-MAN International, one of the largest hiring, testing and personnel evaluation companies in Europe, is now in Canada. U-MAN Associated Consultants (Canada) Ltd. was established in 1993. 

Our performance measurement system is for anyone who:

  1. has been wasting time and money on employees who aren't working out,
  2. is sick and tired of personnel problems and mistakes,
  3. wants to stop making bad hiring decisions and/or
  4. would like to hire good staff every time.

These and other staffing dilemmas can torment the most even-tempered executive, tying up time, money and nerves.

We employ a revolutionary way to interview applicants. Not yet broadly used in the business world, this method screens out non-productive applicants in fifteen to thirty minutes; far less than the usual hours that traditional, less effective interviewing techniques ordinarily take.

If there was a way to know a person's potential or capacity to perform, wouldn't it be worth finding out before investing in salaries, training or promotions? With the U-SYSTEM it is possible, thereby bringing about a marked improvement in overall production and profitability.

U-MAN is the first Canadian company to offer performance measurement as a consulting activity. The technology is not only fully tested but also widely recognized as extremely workable.

U-MAN specializes in helping companies and organizations accurately and effectively evaluate people's capacity to perform in connection with recruitment, internal promotion and/or training of personnel. To do this we use the U-SYSTEM—a personal evaluation system applied to more than 100,000 persons in companies around the world.

OUR GOAL is increased effectiveness and improved results for our clients through better knowledge about people and their capacities

OUR TOOLS are test systems developed to meet real situations and demands on the market today and tomorrow.

OUR PRODUCT is your certainty.

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