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The U-MAN Approach

Choose your people based on

This is the senior datum in hiring  You won't go wrong when you KNOW the person will perform the duties expected in a volume and quality you need.  U-MAN is first in performance hiring. Our specialty is productivity and fit. We have the tools to ensure the candidates you choose have been screened for past production, for fit with your company and capacity to perform well in the future.

All our results are performance oriented.  All testing, interview and research techniques are geared towards getting you a staff member who will do the job and fit with your company.

If your current hiring criteria doesn't include performance checking - real performance - for all positions, it will fail utterly.  Most companies will verify if sales people can really sell, but fall short in other positions.  Sales is only part of the picture.  Your company has many other types of jobs, receptionists, secretaries, accountants and more.  They must also perform at a high level.  You would be surprised to find just how many people simply have no clue about results, yet feel they should be paid for being there, and not ever have to produce a high quality result, in volume.  

The name U-MAN means "Understanding Man." In order to decide one must understand, and thatís where we come in. Our profiles are accurate and comprehensive. Once you have the full picture of a person's capacity to perform, it is easy to be certain who will be the right person for the job. Given the right team, your company will have the potential for rapid growth and profitability. It is our aim to help you choose true performers.

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