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The U-System

Improving YOUR Bottom Line!

Whether hiring new employees, or assessing existing staff, U-MAN gives you:

bulletPeople who perform
bulletThe right person in the right place
bulletCertainty of personal qualities and productivity
bulletConcrete management tips
bulletImproved communication within the group

How is this achieved?
Through a combination of assessment tools and specialized "Performance Checks", your candidates are thoroughly screened and assessed against the specific job descriptions which you provide. In this way, the result is tailor-made to your particular requirements.

U-MAN uses one of the most accurate assessment tools on the market today the "U-TEST". It is especially accurate in uncovering the person behind the "mask" of socially acceptable behaviour, which so many people wear so well.

The parts in detail




The "Littles" - Supplementary Testing

bulletPerformance Checking
bulletReference Checking

What you get
An amazingly accurate map of the candidate's personal qualities and production capacity. This enables you to avoid those unwanted surprises in the future. You will clearly know:-

bulletThe strong points
bulletThe weak points
bulletAnd the hidden sides of their nature

You will receive a full verbal and written assessment of the results, plus an accurate evaluation of how well they will suit the job. You will also receive concrete management tips which help you to manage each person. This leads to greatly improved productivity and communication within your group.

What you need to know
Upon completion of a U-MAN assessment, you will know a great many things about each candidate you put through the program. For example:-

bulletWill they be good producers?
bulletWill they be good team members?
bulletAre they sound organizers?
bulletWill they be long-term employees?
bulletAre they able to make "tough" decisions?
bulletCan they adapt to new circumstances?
bulletWill they be predictable?
bulletCan they handle clients?
bulletCan they handle pressure?
bulletCan they follow a system?
bulletCan they handle conflicts?
bulletWill they lose their cool?
bullet.....and much, much more!!

The answers to these questions are almost impossible to determine by simply interviewing a candidate, or by normal reference checking.

How is U-MAN different?
The biggest difference you will see is that the results are performance oriented, and tailored to your specific job requirements. The U-MAN evaluator or recruiter will tell you the applicant's real ability to produce results in either their current, or proposed position.

In addition to that, the concrete management tips will show you how to handle the candidate and get the most out of their particular capabilities.

How long does it take?
In recruitment testing you will receive the full results of the evaluation and recommendation within 24 hours of initiating the assessment.  Full Service recruitment projects vary.  They can take up to 6 weeks, depending on the complexity of the search.

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