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The "Littles"

Resumes don’t always give you the key information you really need. Information like: Will the person be able to follow instructions? Will the person make mistakes, or worse, be accident-prone? Are they likely to be a leader or a follower? Are they stable or unpredictable? 

You can find out this kind of information and more in a short time for a nominal cost. Our "little" tests are for use either alone for the particular information they provide, or in conjunction with the U-TEST as part of the complete picture in hiring or testing key personnel. You'll soon find they aren't at all "little" but a big part of your hiring success.


Problem Solving Capacity

The IQ test discovers the person’s ability to solve problems as well as their ability to learn and understand new concepts and ideas. This is crucial information needed when determining the ability to actually hold an executive position. The higher the score, the more likely the person will do well in a managerial capacity, or in any position where one has to resolve various issues.

In addition to its usefulness for management assessment it is quite effective when assessing an applicant that is required to trouble shoot, repair machinery or generally needs to resolve problems.

Persons scoring low on this test often are "cut off from the fruits of observation"—they don’t "see," even when you put their attention on the project or task. This test then becomes very important in any aspect that requires keen observations.


Learning Capacity

The Aptitude test mainly tests the ability of a person to duplicate verbal or written communications. A person who duplicates or understands a communication quickly can make decisions quickly. A manager, executive, coordinator or sales person for example, needs to have the ability to make swift and accurate decisions.

When a person is given an order or instruction, this assessment shows who can grasp the true concept of what is requested and then carry out what is wanted or needed.

It is also an excellent measure of whether or not the individual is accident-prone or tends to make mistakes.

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