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The Internal U-MAN

 Could you use some insight into your existing staff?  

Our Internal Effectiveness Analysis is designed to measure and reflect various aspects of a person's work habits and ethic. Results furnish direct and indirect indicators of personal effectiveness. It is an assessment of actual performance on the current job and determines what needs to be done to improve one's productivity.

When we look for ways to improve personnel productivity, we tend to focus on obvious areas, such as personality traits we don't like, ways to improve the workspace or on measurable skills we would like to improve. This is usually only

The assessment results validate personnel on their strong points and gives clear and specific recommendations for points that can be improved.

From a personnel management view, you will be able guide your employees' personal energies optimally, to know what qualities might need strengthening or development and what areas of potential weakness or difficulty need work. When administered to the entire group, you gain a complete overview of your

The questions focus on some specific factors which have proven to be critical in any individual for achieving better results on the job and in life. It is therefore a good complement to any job performance evaluation project. Its purpose is:


to locate possible areas of weaknesses and/or difficulties that might be a deterrent to optimal performance on the job.


to give a comprehensive profile of the person's viewpoints and reveal their effect on the job.


to propose recommendations for the development of specific skills and enhancement of current abilities.

Any improvement starts with a diagnosis of what really needs improving. To decide how to get somewhere one must first know where one is! And with the U-HELP as a guide, you will know.  

bulletCost: A full assessment for one person can run from as little as $40 to as high as $1000. We also offer volume discounts to make it affordable to assess your entire staff.  Ask for details.

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