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When choosing entry level or support staff - from that stack of applicants...

Does this sound familiar? Your production people are crying for additional help. You place an ad. And… You get over 100 resumes from your ad.  Some look good on paper and you try to call them in…   but you can't reach half of them!  Of those you reach at least half don't show up.  Some of the ones that do show up you wish they hadn't!

The days go by. Your time has been wasted, your own job is backing up and you still don't have the people you need. So, you start over…

You call some more… Still you feel let down by those who do show up! You find out they can't speak your language … or they never seem to stay at one place longer than 6 months… or they really don't seem to want to work… In all, they just don’t seem to be appropriate. You can't afford accidents! You can't afford to make a mistake! Your own job is still not getting done! You don't have the time to do the screening yourself, but can't afford to hire an agency to do it for you.

YOU WANT: loyal, high-integrity, 
good performance people.

Wish someone else would do it?

Entry level people, labourers, customer service, file clerks— these are the ones that can make or break your company, but are also the ones you can't afford to spend large employment agency fees to attain. If you don't want to spend, $2,000, $3,000 or more per candidate, There is an alternative. Call today! and let us work for you. We offer a cost effective, efficient way to hire entry level employees. Laser precise screening, fast but quality. They are fully screened and checked out before you hire. No "warm bodies." Get entry-level employees with a good attitude, willing to work, who are bright fast learners. Contact us today!

The Screen Service is a brand-new concept in recruiting. You get your applicants professionally screened without paying a per person rate.  You may choose to hire as many of the screened applicants as you wish, at one low, fixed fee.

Snatch back some TIME! You don't have to wade through piles of applicants. We short-circuit that for you.


Get ALL your qualified applicants professionally screened.


Candidates are fully screened ready for your final interview, complete with comprehensive written recommendations.


Hire only the productive ones: you won't miss the hidden gems.


See the potential for performance and fit.

bullet Cost:  $3500 (some restrictions apply)

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