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Performance Hiring

Not All People Are Productive!

In business you have a definite workload, many challenges to be overcome and goals to be achieved.  

Who will help you get there?

Staff performance is important to the success of a company. How do you detect who will perform best for you? Performance Hiring is the first of its kind and the only way to ensure you have the staff for long-term health of your company.

Real performers make up only 20% of the workforce. Those who would be "slackers", disruptive or troublemakers comprise another 20%. The last 60% are impressionable. They can do a job well with a little encouragement and a smooth work environment. If you fill up your staff with performers and "average" people you will win. If you include too many of the lower 20%, it will cut directly across your profitability and productivity. That 60% can be influenced, either beneficially or detrimentally. To get optimum results, we recommend concentrating on finding that top 20%.

Resumes are often full of glowing attributes of any given applicant. Time and again managers base decisions on what is written and the "gut instinct" they work on cultivating for this activity, only to be disappointed and have to redo the hiring process once again.

The missing key is performance. Past performance and future capability to perform in the capacity required for the job. Focusing on these aspects makes the difference. When you know you have a performer, you can be confident of success, and know the actions to take to achieve peak performance and profitability.

The U-SYSTEM contains elements that address these points in particular, helping you build a better team.

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