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The U-MAN Mission

We aim to provide you with a wealth of reliable, accurate and honest information so that your personnel decisions can be made with confidence.

Companies deserve the best chance possible to expand. We know that not all employees are productive and internal personnel problems can cut across expansion. Getting the right person in the right place can eliminate that problem. It is infinitely better to be able predict than to have to cope with the crises caused by erroneous hirings. We make sure the information you have to hand will make your decisions more certain.

We are aware that the decision-making of a company lies with management.  They set corporate goals, company philosophy and lay out guidelines for the kind of personnel required in order to achieve these objectives.

It is our aim to become your specialist partner, providing you valuable information. You will know the future potential and capacity of a candidate as regards a specific job and working environment, relating this to PRODUCTIVITY. Any risks are also addressed.

The U-SYSTEM has a track record gleaned from hundreds of thousands of evaluations throughout the world. 

With the information garnered with the U-SYSTEM, we aim to contribute directly to the PRODUCTIVITY and consequently, to the overall PROFITABILITY of a company.

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