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JobFit Service

Choosing from  YOUR Short List

Sometimes you just want to do it yourself. We salute you and grant that it is your right to do so. You should also know that today's applicants are well trained in the interview process and are armed with professionally done resumes. All the skills in the world do not guarantee a person will work out in your company. It is not always enough to rely on your  instincts alone. 

To meet these needs, we offer the JobFit Service. It consists of a distinctive extensive assessment system that will reveal key strengths and weaknesses of a given candidate.

When you already have a short-list you still need to know, "Which one should I choose?" Or, "What don't I know about this person, and how will it affect my business?" Use this service and get:

Certainty of production capability and potential.


Confidence you have picked the right person for the job.


Knowledge of their strengths and weaknesses in relationship to the job.


Some concrete personnel management tips for the person.

Be certain of whom you hire. Use JobFit with all short-listed applicants.

bullet COST:  Ranges from $40-$750/each, depending on the depth of information you need. (Ask about volume discounts)

Note:  JobFit can also be used with existing staff.  Before you promote a person, to assess their future potential and to better manage them.

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