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Full Service Recruitment

Let us provide you the choices 
- saves time; less stress 

Our approach to recruiting is that fit and performance are the key components of making sure you have the right person for the job.  We take the time to really know you and your company and in partnership with you determine the exact right person to hire.  Our procedures are custom. 

When you want a fresh new approach to recruitment, try our alternative to traditional methods:


We don't "throw resumes" at you.


Each Recruitment Project is customized to you and your company.


You get only fully qualified candidates who meet your exact requirements.


Productivity, background, references and job fit are fully checked and verified.


Final interviews are conducted jointly, with a full presentation of each candidate. 

There will always those times when you need all the expert help you can get. Either you have had difficulties in the past, or you just don't have the time or manpower to do the job properly.  Our expertise will back you up.

bullet COST:  This service runs to a percentage of the annual
pay the person will receive. The percentage is flexible
according to difficulty of search.


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