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Our Success

We are proud of the results we have provided to our clients.  Here are some testimonials and good things our customers say about us.



I'm happy to let you know, and have you share with any prospective customers, the reasons that I value the assessment services that U-MAN provides.

I appreciate the fast turnaround and accurate evaluations. We use the tests not only when hiring but also to assess existing personnel to help us correctly determine needed training as well as potential for promotions. I have found the evaluations help me to put my finger on my perceptions. Using the test reports I can ask informed questions when doing references and get more data. Because you understand our criteria for hiring, I also find the rating from 1-10 helpful.

I'm glad you are there for us with these helpful hiring tools. I look forward to our continued association. - LM, Personnel Manager, AMC Publishing




I would confirm that we did in fact hire [name withheld] through your agency.

[He] has proved to be an excellent employee, first hired to be our Technical Sales and Service Rep in a smaller territory in BC and earlier this year promoted to a much larger territory in Alberta.

We have been most pleased with his credentials and performance over the period he has been  in our company - MW - Regional Business Mgr. VRD-Americas




This system saved us thousands of dollars, by getting the right person this time. Without you the last time, it cost us a bundle. - [as told to Lorraine Taylor]

That salesman you helped us hire? He sold enough for his full year's salary in his first sale. Thank you. - [as told to Lew Taylor]

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