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200 Good Questions to Ask

Have you ever wondered if the questions you ask in personnel interviews will give you the information you need?  And will they penetrate the mask of social behaviour? What picture do you have of the person in front of you?

If you knew the person over a length of time you would have a good idea of the true picture, but of a casual acquaintance?  Or a stranger?  

The key to success is putting together a team you can count on and that will work well in your company.  You can have the upper hand in interviewing, with the results of the U-TEST Personal Capacity Analysis.  

The U-TEST asks 200 personal but non-threatening questions for you.  Then, with the results to hand, you can zoom in on the points that match up with the particular position you are considering the person for.  Eliminate surprises and confirm your perceptions!  
FOR EXAMPLE:  Let's say you are interviewing Joe, considering him for a job (or a promotion) The U-TEST offers 200 good questions on the following subjects: 

happiness:  Does he have a positive attitude?  Has he been successful in his endeavors?  Does he find solutions or problems?

composure:  Can he maintain control of his area even under pressure?  Is he nervous? 

certainty: How consistent will he be?  Can he be counted on to act the same way in similar circumstances or is he unpredictable? 

activity: More than just active, is Joe potentially interested and involved in the overall success of the company from his own job's contribution?


drive:  Efficiency is powered by drive, an ability to act effectively.  Can he push past barriers to complete the task at hand?  Or will a tendency to inactivity prevail?

responsibility: Beyond accountability is influence.  Can Joe influence the world around him?  And how far-reaching are his actions.  What are the results of his actions and does he know HE created what happened?

Correct Estimation: Does he accurately asses the scene in front of him?  If so, he can take actions that will resolve a given situation.  If not... Is he an agreeable sort of fellow?

empathy: How interested is he in other people?  And does he even care? Is he cold or warm?

communication:  Just talking is not necessarily enough to do a good job.  Can he get his point across?  Does he actually talk to the person in front of him or is he rather formal, using the same patter no matter the situation?